ZOMBIESHARK! - I Will Destroy You, Myself, and Everything I’ve Ever Loved

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CYBERNETIC HYPER GRINDING DEATH outfit ZOMBIESHARK! is here with a long awaited reissue of I Will Destroy You and Everything I’ve Ever Loved to vinyl. Spread across 3 variants with 3 alternate covers, this album looks exactly how it sounds and feels. 22 minutes of raw, unfiltered cybergrind hailing from the great city of Philadelphia. Starting the album off with …Son of the Morning Star the atmosphere and tone is set for the whole ride through. Features from Viscera and Blind Equation it’s safe to say the grind part of cybergrind is alive and well. 

Morning Star Burst /50 

Insect Blood /100

Mirror Haze Swirl /100

She Just Like Me FRFR Alternate /25

Homecoming Alternate /25

The Summoning Alternate /25

This is a preorder item and should be expected to ship during Q2 of 2023. All alternate artwork variants will be 1 of the 3 vinyl variants available for purchase.