Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Act Like You Don’t Know

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What do you know about counting stacks and skipping tracks? Thus Spoke Zarathustra’s Act Like You Don’t Know is here and on vinyl for the first time. One of the best deathcore albums to come out in recent years, it’s raw, it’s unapologetic, it’s true, and it’s everything you can want in 18 minutes. Classic style deathcore with modern production pressed on high quality vinyl, what more can you ask for? It speaks for itself so there’s not much else to say!

Vinyl artwork and packaging handled by Lab 13 Media, the only way you can get this art is through this record. Mastering by Clockwise Recordings.

 Packaged with care, vinyl will be shipped outside of their jackets to avoid seam splits. All vinyl come in anti static inner sleeves and numbered in foil on the back of the jacket.



 Please note, the random color mix can be anything and the mockup is a depiction of what it could look like. It does not guarantee you will get that specific color way.

This is a PREORDER, set to be ordered upon the 2 week preorder window closing. Shipping time is expected within Q3 of 2024.