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10 years ago, the heavy weight champions of the Deep South stepped onto the scene. Shortly after releasing a genre defining EP that would set the tone for the mid 2010s in terms of heavy music.

We cordially invite you to celebrate a decade of Traitors. 

This EP is filled with nothing but the best of the mid 2010s white knuckle riffs. Down tuned, played slow, it’ll be sure to bring out all those feelings you love with heavy music. Remastered to feel heavier, darker, and bring you back to when you saw them play for the first time. Done by our friend at Clockwise Recordings, if you own Night Terrors you know what you’re in for. Along with Lab 13 Media taking over on art, this EP is revamped for the modern age and packed with surprises. 

*This is a PREORDER item set to ship in Q2 of 2024. Due to the nature of vinyl manufacturing delays can occur. Please keep an eye on our social media for updates.*